GL Zürich is a community that maintains and promotes Christian spiritual teaching. The source of these teachings are addresses transmitted through deep-trance medium Beatrice Brunner from the world beyond.


Founded in 1948, the Christian spiritual community GL Zürich is a non-denominational, non-profit association based in Zurich. The community’s purpose is to maintain and promote Christian teachings according to the true content of the biblical tradition and in line with the Christian spiritual teaching transmitted through Beatrice Brunner in her role as a medium (1948–1983).

GL Zürich’s main activity is to publish the trance addresses transmitted through Beatrice Brunner. On the one hand, this happens through the publication of book series and, on the other hand, through the journal The Spiritual World. The purpose of these publications is to provide interested readers with translations as literal as possible, thereby offering them a comprehensive introduction to Christian spirit-teaching.

GL Zürich maintains an archive of video and audiotapes encompassing 1,400 recorded trance addresses, each lasting between sixty and ninety minutes. The community organizes services every second weekend in its own center in Zurich and meditation-weeks take place annually in the autumn. Additional services, during which audiotapes are replayed, are organized by circles of friends in different cities in Germany and Austria. For those interested in the activities of the community in German-speaking countries, more information can be found on the German website.

Besides promoting and spreading the spoken and written spiritual teachings, GL Zürich is firmly committed to humanitarian aid. Ever since its foundation, the community calls for donations in support of humanitarian aid and development projects. The extensive relief activities are managed by the organization Hilfswerk GL Zürich, established for this purpose.

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