The Spiritual World 2020

The Spiritual World – available issues

“He Who Believes in Me Will Live, even though He Dies”
With these words, Christ points to another world, the world beyond. In this report, the reader learns how a deceased woman fared in the world beyond. She had been wealthy and suffered during the last years of her life. She was cared for by a nurse who had to endure much under the vices of her mistress. An example of how an earthly life path affects life in the beyond.

The Breath of the Great Creator-Spirit Embraces All Living Things
The precious breath of God contains all life. Everything is recorded in this vitality – the large as well as the small. In the soul of every being, their fall in the past and their ascent thus far is recorded, and the future is also indicated. To see this, however, is reserved for a spirit of God. They are able to look into the soul of an ascending being and judge what is best for their development.

The Cross of Christ is a Human Being’s Signpost
An Easter message. The cross reminds human beings of the readiness to make sacrifices, the peacefulness, and the humbleness of Christ, who died in order to redeem his own. When people look up to the cross, it illuminates the path for their own tasks and gives them the strength to fulfil them.

A Meditation on the Meaning of the Cross
The cross can be a walking-staff in the life of a human being, but at the same time a bench to rest on and a stool upon which they can kneel and pray. It accompanies the devout Christian throughout their life and holds a meaning for them beyond the final hour of their earthly life. When their relationship with this world has long been ended, the cross still stands over their life in the beyond. There, too, it is a symbol of faith and hope.

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