Beatrice Brunner


Beatrice Brunner was the most important deep-trance medium in German-speaking countries of the 20th century.


For 35 years – from 1948 until her return home in 1983 – she acted as the medium for the Christian spiritual community known today as GL Zürich.

Beatrice Brunner was born on February 27, 1910 in the canton of Schwyz. In her younger years she was taught the profession of dressmaking. In the difficult times during and after the Second World War, the mother of two ran a sewing-studio in Zurich, employing two seamstresses. The course of her life changed in late 1945 when she and her husband, Arthur Brunner, were made aware of her gift of mediumship by a third party.

In need of enlightenment from a higher source about the fundamental questions of existence, Beatrice and Arthur Brunner managed to build a connection to the spiritual world and founded a community in 1948 with interested friends who were striving for the spirit of truth as spoken of in the Bible. In the following decades, the community was able to experience a wonderful development under the leadership of its spirit-teachers. As early as 1950, weekly lectures were taking place on Saturday evenings in the hall of Zurich's Academy of Music. Towards the end of Beatrice Brunner’s active mediumship, the events took place in the large hall of Tonhalle Zürich and in Kongresshaus Zürich.

The channelling-activity of Beatrice Brunner is unique in respect of its duration, scope and continuity. Between 1948 and 1983, around 2,400 trance addresses were transmitted through her. Most of these messages, lasting between sixty and ninety minutes, come from two spirit-teachers known as Joseph and Lene. The majority of the trance addresses are recorded on video or audiotape and are still being presented at events held by GL Zürich today.

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