Insights into the World Beyond


What is the purpose of earthly life? – Does life continue after death? – How are we to imagine life in the spiritual world? – What can we expect there?


These questions about our existence reach into the spiritual reality of the beyond, inaccessible to our physical senses and today’s methods of scientific research. Therefore, we are not readily able to arrive at secure and comprehensive insights on our own.

However, there are ways to gain insight into the world beyond. Well-known examples of this include near-death experiences whilst on the threshold of passing over or impressive dream experiences, perhaps involving a deceased loved one with whom one was very close.

A further possibility of obtaining information about the wherefrom and whereto of human beings comes in the form of a connection to the world beyond with the help of a human medium. Since time immemorial, this has been an important means of achieving spiritual knowledge – we think of the prophets of ancient Israel and the first Christians who explicitly asked for the support and guidance of the world of God.

Our society is no longer familiar with the idea of a connection between this world and the beyond. For many, communication between spirits of God and the human world seems unimaginable or impossible. One reason for this is that people are not really acquainted with the Biblical accounts of it.

Biblical testimonies

The Bible gives many testimonies of God speaking to humans, such as when he spoke with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses. The connection to the spiritual world of God appears as a central element in the whole of the Old Testament. It was reported that a daily connection existed between the Israelites and the spiritual world with the help of mediums, meaning those spiritually-gifted human beings able to question the spirit world and receive answers. The leaders of these people undertook nothing without guidance from the good spiritual world.

The New Testament bears testimony that Jesus Christ, the apostles, and the first Christians maintained a connection to the divine world. Christ was intimately connected to God and his holy spirit world because of his strong mediumistic predisposition. He always pointed out that he only taught and acted as the Father instructed him. Shortly before his death, Christ promised his own that he would not leave them abandoned, that he would send them the spirit of truth who would enlighten them on all that was necessary (John 14:26, 16:12–13). Whilst in Jerusalem, the apostles and their closest intimates experienced the fulfilment of this promise, just a few days after Christ’s ascension. There they experienced in an impressive way how divine spirits can speak in a manner perceptible to human beings and instruct them in the teachings of Christ (Acts 2:1–13). Ever since, Pentecost has celebrated the outpouring of the holy spirit or, more precisely, the holy spirits. The epistles document that the work of the holy spirits through mediums played an important role in the early Christian communities. Paul urged the individual congregations to seek the support of the holy spirits.

It is possible for humans to have a connection to the spiritual world

Both the Old and the New Testament impressively verify that it is possible for human beings to have a connection to the spiritual world. Today, as inquiring people, we should at least try to understand the nature of this connection. Those to whom the spirits of God once spoke were humans like us, with the same weaknesses and faults. And the natural laws of their earthly existence were likewise the same as ours. God and his spiritual world are also the same today as they were then. If this close connection to God’s spiritual world is possible and was maintained by people for millennia, why should humanity of today no longer be able to have it?

If, in general, the possibility of a connection between this world and the beyond is little known, this is largely due to the current zeitgeist: the allure of materialism and the hectic pace of daily life carry the danger of detracting from what is essential. But if one succeeds in directing attention and interest to a higher world, strives for the truth with reason and understanding, and cultivates inner feeling, it will become possible to develop those spiritual gifts required for a connection with the divine world.

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