To enter into a perceptible connection with the spiritual world, a human being with a special mediumistic ability is needed. But what does ‘mediumship’ mean? And wherein lies the special ability of a medium?


Every human being is mediumistic to a certain degree. Most likely everyone has had the experience of predicting an event or of coming to a sudden insight without it occurring to them in the usual way. However, only a few human beings have mediumistic gifts to the extent that they are able to act as an intermediary between this world and the world beyond. To be a medium requires that this spiritual gift, this special ability, is so developed as to enable the medium to give a sufficient degree of their own life force (odic power) to another spiritual being, so that it is able to make itself known to humans.

The value and substance a connection to the spiritual world actually contains depends on the attitude and faithfulness to God of the manifesting spirit, as well as of the medium themselves. To be a useful tool for the spiritual world, the medium must be of strong character; they must have a clear sense of reason and a healthy judgement, as well as virtues such as modesty, self-sacrifice, and devotion to the spiritual world of God.

Deep trance

For the transmission of truth, the most important form of mediumship is deep trance. It describes the state in which the medium’s own spirit has completely left the body. In its place another spiritual being enters the body of the medium and delivers messages by means of the medium’s organs of speech. During this, the medium’s own spirit is connected to the body solely through the so-called ‘silver cord’, the thread of life. At the end of the communication, the medium’s spirit returns to its body. After awakening, the medium knows nothing of what the other spiritual being spoke through their body.

A biblical example for such communication from the world beyond can be found in the Acts of the Apostles: during Pentecost in Jerusalem, the apostles experienced in an impressive manner how each of them was filled by a holy spirit who, speaking through their mouths and in foreign languages, praised God and his actions and proclaimed the gospel of Christ (Acts 2:1–11).

A deep trance medium from the recent past in the service of the divine world was Beatrice Brunner. The Swiss woman, born in 1910, worked for 35 years as a medium for the spiritual Christian community known today as GL Zürich.

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