What is the process of communicating through a medium?

What is the process of communicating
through a medium?

The setting in which the lectures from the beyond were transmitted was always unpretentious and orderly. For more than 30 years the services took place in the large hall of the conservatory of music in Zurich as well as in the association’s small hall. The services always started with prayer and peaceful music. The medium Beatrice Brunner sat in front of the listeners, sinking into deep trance almost unnoticed and recognizable only by the sudden breath she drew rather strongly – mouth closed – and the straightening of her upper body. Immediately the proclaiming spirit would start with the usual greeting “God bless!” and then begin his or her lecture. At the end, i.e. after a lecture of between 1–1½ hour’s duration, the spirit being said good bye with the same greeting with which it began the lecture, whereupon Beatrice Brunner woke up straightaway with a deep exhalation. She herself had no knowledge whatsoever of what had been spoken through her mouth during her trance. The service ended with a prayer and calming music.

Today the lectures, recorded on tape and video, are replayed in the same unpretentious and orderly manner.

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