Who were the teachers lecturing through Beatrice Brunner?

Who were the teachers
lecturing through Beatrice Brunner?

During the 35 years of Beatrice Brunner’s channelling activities there were mostly the same two spirit beings, Joseph and Lene, who instructed the listeners regularly in spiritual teaching. The majority of the lectures stem from spirit teacher Joseph who, at the very beginning in October 1948, addressed a small circle of listeners. It was in 1954 when spirit teacher Lene first spoke through Beatrice Brunner. Subsequently, and in close cooperation with Joseph, she expounded on different subjects of spiritual teaching, and also provided insight into the heavenly world by means of guided meditations. Between 1958 and 1970, and usually once a month, ascending spirit beings also spoke through Beatrice Brunner. These were deceased human beings – especially selected by the spiritual leaders and teachers of the association – who had been requested to give an account of their initial experiences in the world beyond, in order to provide a vivid picture of what might be in store for human beings after their earthly death.

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